Thursday, June 29, 2006

Seven Little Dwarves

By: Nathaniel David

Seven little dwarves lived in a cottage
That used no wattage
The cottage was built just right
That is how they met Snow White

Seven little dwarves were digging in a mine
While Snow White worked amid the pine
She cleaned it all the day
And the dwarves came back singing away

Seven little dwarves not there to stop the fruit
She almost died because of a brute
Now she’s in a deep sleep
Not even making a peep

Now can only wake by love’s true kiss
And live happily ever after in heavenly bliss
And then came along Prince Charming
Who’s horse was a charging

He broke the witch’s spell
And boy was the kiss sure swell
Now with the witch all cold and dead
The cute little couple rode off all dressed in red

Small Group Sleep Over

Well, I think that it is way past over due to write another post.

Last night our small group had a blast at our night out at Fry guy's house. It was boat loads of fun. Ian and I showed up a half an hour late, but they hadn't really started the serious stuff yet. So we sat down and shared what we had been learning in the Word lately, and that went till about 9:00 or maybe a little later. The rest of the night was male bonding time. We roasted marshmallow, made delicious hot shmoes, and roasted wieners over the open fire. These is the list of thing Big Ben did to me with his hot dog: Washed my hair with its grease, burned my leg, and almost poked me in the eye. Ben had to work in the morning and so he had to leave that night so the rest of the time was just the students, it was fun. Ben and I slid the board off of the teeter totter and he put it up onto this mondo stump. He climbed on top of the stump, and we moved the board so he had to jump down. The rest of the night went from Fry Guy riding cows, to Jacob and Ben fighting with curtain rods that fell in the toilet, to Jacob wasting on Ben with pine cones, to sitting by the fire. Over all we had some pretty good times. I like my small group.