Sunday, September 25, 2005

This past week at Grace Academy it was Spititual Ephasis Week. I would tell you all that I learned right now, but I had to turn in my notes to Mr. Pearce. That blog is going to be written tomorrow once I get my notes back. For right now I want to share two prayer requests that the Lord has laid on my heart.

During spiritual emphesis week I did slides. So I had the chace to sit in the balcony and during the singing. People were just standing there doing nothing! We have this great chance to worship as a congregation and they were just standing there. Then you have those who are doing some thing but it isn't singing. Lots of them are turning to their neighbors and talking and giggling. I would even say that it might be even worse during the message. We not only have a time to sing as a congregation but we get to sit under the teaching of God's word and they still are messing around. After the first chance you would think they would shapen up. The last day though, I sat down among the rest and the student to the left of me was talking to the people behind him and he was sharpening all the pencils in his row that he could get his hands on.

I can't classify everyone underneath this category of "rowdy", though. I want to thank all of you that stood for what is right this week. I ask that you continue to do this.

My prayer request is, that all of the people in the Junior High would come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that the ones that already know Him as their Lord Jesus Christ would stand firm and stand up for truth and rightousness.

Here is my other request. As kramerpkevin put it "a girl that I've known since I was six" got in a car accident on Tuesday of last week. She has some back and neck problems. Her vertebre are out of place, but she can still go school and do things. Mrs. Camp is physically fine but emotionally it will be hard, I can imagine. Brady her little brother, got the worst. He was wearing his seat belt wrong and so he flung forward and hit his eye on the door handle. He pretty much slit his eye lid in half horizontally. He managed to get a big slit underneath it, too. He had to get stitches on both slits.

Please pray for both of these requests.


The Crook said...

I agree with you man, and also I will pray that people that do sing and are saved, would have the courage to sing as loud as possible and confront and challenge those who don't sing at all. Thanks for bloggin again. :)%

mijah said...

wow, that is crazy. I will be praying. What a great God we serve.

skh said...

I agree that the singing--if we can call it that--was atrocious. Thank you for singing.

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