Thursday, March 09, 2006

God's Grace is Sufficient

God's grace is sufficient for everything. Over and over again I have been taught and shown throughout the word and from speakers that we need only to rely on God and His grace.

In chapel a few weeks ago that speaker told us about this family that went to Africa to be missionaries. But, when the mother found her two young kids playing on a log next to a huge snake, that was too much and the father moved them back to the states. Once back in the states the two boys wandered under the house to play and found themselves in a nest of rattlesnakes and were bit multiple times. The father heard their screams and pulled them out, threw them into the car and started to drive off. Not being careful, the father ran over their baby who was crawling across the driveway. The mother at that time was looking out their home's window, and after seeing the father run over their baby had a heart attack. The baby died instantly, the boys died on the way to the hospital, and the mom died within three days.

In attempt to save his family from the wild Africa, he brought them back and were all dead within three days. He did not find his hope or faith in God's grace, he just trusted the "safe" United States and all his family died. This is just one example of not trusting God's grace, we do it everyday. Why are we scared of the dark? You don't want to be killed? Why do we not go to Africa the share the GOSPEL? We have a chance to save people from eternal fire and we choose not to, mainly because of the fear of death. It amazes me at how many things we don't do just because of the fear of death. If you are a Christian and you are finding your faith and reliance in God and God's grace, we have nothing to fear."I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me."(Philipians 4:13) We are a faithless generation, and know nothing of placing our faith in God's grace. This is where I, and I know many of you lack also. Pray that we would find our security in Him.


AndyB said...

Where is this passion and conviction during small group? It would do the rest of us good to hear what is going on in your heart instead of having to wait until we can read it in a blog. Keep growing and let us hear your heart more often. Stand up for your convictions and let us have it. Don't hold back, speak the truth in love. Love you brother.

Tk log said...

Wow. Very good post.