Monday, March 20, 2006

Quote of the Week Worthy Quotes

"These apples are just like huge water chestnuts!" ~Ian Timothy Lugg

Last night after church we came home and Ian started eating these apples and they had no taste and so that was his response to those big water chestnuts.

"What is this pee reservoir doing in our sink!?" ~Ian Timothy Lugg

Again Last night after church we were eating and Ian walks up to our sink, and my mom was cleaning the container that the toilet cleaning device(whatever it is called)
was held. It was very random and awkward.

"Someday, I am going to buy a beagle and name it Amos." ~Katy Abbott

...That speaks for itself... Sorry I thought that was hilarious.


orangelugster said...

I love the great times we have together bro. Love ya.

theGracegirl said...

Whoa--I've been quoted!

Seriously, though, don't you think that Amos is a sweet name for a sweet dog like a beagle?

iron girl said...

Funny dude.

*Celestialshine* said...

Wow... those are... special memories... I had a definite laugh-out-loud moment right there!

Anonymous said...

Those are very funny quotes!!!