Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moment of Silence

I believe this is important. I ask only one thing, give one moment of silence just to commemroate the one year aniversary of this blog........well now that is done you can go on with life.

the luggnut

P.S. I do this to break up the seriousnesses of late in this blog. It is not a bad thing to be serious but I thought that it might put a little smile into your day! I will give you some serious material in the next post. Now that my post script is longer than my original script I will stop makeing a fool of my self and my blog.


Alison Renea Leber said...



Tk log said...

Stop "makeing" a fool out of your self Mo.

orangelugster said...

It didn't quite bring a smile necessarily but cute, real cute foo. thanks brathor.