Friday, September 24, 2010

Lingering Guilt

As I read about David's struggle with lingering guilt in Psalm 51 and experienced the same in my own life I was inspired to write this poem. I hope that you are able to connect with the man's plea before the Father and also cherish the words of life that the Father gives the guilt-ridden man. I apologize for the length and the odd formatting, but I hope you are blessed.

My sin, my ugly sin

Lingers in my mind

After my troubled soul's repented.

“Be gone from me!

You blind my eyes, His grace, to see.”

I crawl to His throne

Ashamed to once again

Beg for mercy and for grace

But I’m too weak….

I must come and humbly speak

"Lord, Lord, I cannot

Come without hanging

My shameful, down trodden head.

I broke your will

I only hope you love me still.

"My soul yearns to feel

What it once had known

My heart is broken and wants you

You to fill

What is lacking in me still

"The melody of your presence

Has left my woeful heart.

The once beautiful song of grace

Has seemingly left

And made my life, of joy, bereft.

"Despise me not, Father

And answer my desperate plea

For it is the prolonged silence of God

That pains my ear.

You alone do I fear."

For a long while

Only sobs were heard

In the Most High's Court.

The broken man

Found no will, nor grace to stand

"My precious, chosen son,

You have placed your head

In the muck and mire of shame

And despair.

You've stepped into Satan's snare.

"Satan waits in silence

For the moment to strike

At the heart of my beloved

To coerce

That his evil sin's the worst.

"Satan threads his lies

Into your shame-full mind

And you, believing his every word,

Made way

For more room, from me, to stray.

“I allowed you to feed

At the trough of sin

That you would finally come to see

That only I

Can keep you from the deepest sigh.

"O redeemed sinner,

Rise from the corner

Where your shame has you tied,

Lift your face,

And behold the Lord of Grace.

"You come before this throne

Begging for a blessing

That your soul had long ago

Already received.

Your many fears are relieved.

“I’m running with arms wide open

To embrace my son

Whose transgressions are ever forgotten.

I forgive

That your soul, again, can live.

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Micah James Lugg said...

Looks great, bro! Thanks for sharing your heart and your poetry.