Thursday, February 23, 2006


Bringn' back the old goodies(actually it is quite pointless)

Lube is a hunk
That acts like a punk
He is so cool
Cause he plays with spools

He’s buff as an ox
Cause he plays with blocks
His legs are like an iron rod
Which is quite odd

Since he is all that
He owns a bat
So he went to the beach
And sat on a leach

It started to suck and pluck
So Lube went to go take a swim
To wash limb to limb
He got bit by a shark with a terrible bark
And cried out with pain O My Great Dane

He got out of the water
And found a leach on the beach
That said, ”If you marry my daughter I will give you whatever you wish
Then swish he was gone

If you take a look in the history book
It will say vanished into thin air
Quoted by Blair
That’s all we have to say, today
dedicated to the weirdest guy on earth- Kramer Kevin


The Crook said...

wow, I forgot how that had absolutely nothing to do with anything that relatively makes sense. And I love it how you go through so many patterns. Of course, this was like 4th grade wasn't it? O man... the good years! Well, I'm glad to see that you have improved as much as you have. Later dude, "you stay tan!"

iron girl said...

sweet. thats awsome.

Tk log said...

really quite baffled.. really.

theGracegirl said...

"He’s buff as an ox
Cause he plays with blocks"

If only we all could be buff as an ox just by playing with blocks. Well, actually, I'm not sure I want to be considered ox-like. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...