Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Man Upon the Cross

The Man on the cross
Nathaniel David Lugg

Blood streaking His face
Hanging there for the human race
Thorns upon His head
Crucified, the giver of bread

Hole in His side
Dying by pride
Pierced hands and feet
With only the devil to beat

Back slashed and whipped
Clothes bloody and ripped
Only one last breath
The conqueror of death

He was laid in a tomb
Thirty-three years after the womb
Three days later he rose from the dead
Still with the marks of where he bled

He died for you and me
Upon that hideous tree
But all I wanted to say
Is that I am free from pay


iron girl said...

whoa! did you write that! that is so cool. great job.

The Crook said...

dude, that's a great poem! You should post the one about that guy named Lube! haha O good times! Good...young... imature times.

Anonymous said...

I like this one!!

Anonymous said...

This poem is awesome!